Who is the course aimed at?

Open to anyone over the age of 18, the course is aimed at those individuals who are familiar with their own camera and interested in expanding their knowledge of photography and it’s purposes. It is not a necessity to have a deep understanding of Belfast geographically or historically, however an open mind and the ability to work quickly and efficiently are important.

What does the course involve?

Belfast Exposed is a Belfast institution; it has commissioned artists and published many photographic books dealing with issues surrounding Belfast and Northern Ireland. This course will offer the opportunity to engage with Belfast in new and exciting ways using photography.

The course has four key sections:


Using a mixture of contemporary and historic reference material, you will be introduced to some of the practitioners who have previously made work about the city - inspiring you to develop your own project.


You will explore the usages of archive material in your work, how archive imagery can be used to inform your work or act as an integral element of the piece.


Having a good understanding of both your subject matter and visual choices are vital to creating a strong piece of work. You will learn methods of effective research techniques.


In order to understand how effective your piece of work is, you will be required to interpret certain visual signs and signifiers and their connotations. An excellent method of developing these skills is via critique. You will be required to not only offer thoughts and opinions on your own work but also on the work of others.

What knowledge and experience will I gain from the course?

Using a structured series of theoretical discussions/presentations, assignments and critiques, this course will develop on the student's current knowledge and skill set and lead into a self-directed approach to developing a photographic project focusing on their interactions with the city.

Using the resources unique to Belfast Exposed, students will be in a position to question current views of Belfast and produce their own unique interpretation. On completion of the course, students will be well on their way to creating an informed, coherent and visually concise photographic study of their environment.

[NB. While this course has not been primarily designed to enhance your technical photography skills, your tutor will be on hand to answer any technical queries you may have - and help you get the very most out of your project.]

Follow-up and exhibition opportunity

For those students who wish to develop their projects further, a follow-up critique session will take place on 27th August at an additional cost of £40. A selection of work produced by those students will be made by the tutor and exhibited in the new year at Belfast Exposed Gallery Two (Exchange Space).

 About the tutor

Brian J Morrison is a photographic artist who holds a first class BA Hons degree in Photography and has exhibited work throughout the UK. Brian has seen his work published in high profile publications such as Source photographic review as well as creating a number of self-published photo books. Most recently, Brian has been working as an archivist for Belfast Exposed and has been developing new ways to engage with the public via the half million images in the collection.


To apply, please send set of sample images (3 to 6) or short letter of intent (100 to 200 words) to

before the 9th July 2011




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