In conversation: Aisling O'Beirn and Professor Mark Bailey, Director, Armagh Observatory

On Tuesday 12 April at 3pm, artist Aisling O'Beirn  in conversation with Mark Bailey... Admission free

Recent work by Belfast-based artist Aisling O’Beirn examines the politics of space from the perspective of a lay enthusiast. Her new work, Some Structures Invisible to the Naked Eye takes the form of animation and wall drawings. The work represents an attempt to understand (visually) some of contemporary physics’ more quirky and abstract theories relating to space and the problem of representing huge distances, scales and time frames when discussing the formation or evolution of structures in the universe. This new work has been developed in dialogue with astronomers at Armagh Observatory.

Mark Bailey, Director of the Armagh Observatory, is Honorary Professor at Queen's University Belfast and a former Vice-President of the Royal Astronomical Society. His work includes the first paper to describe a new method to detect small solar-system objects at large heliocentric distances, and early work on the inflow of stellar mass loss in galaxies ultimately to fuel nuclear activity. In recent years his research has focused on areas closer to home: the dynamical evolution of comets, asteroids and meteoroid streams, and aspects of the comet and asteroid impact hazard. The asteroid (4050), discovered in 1976 by C.-I. Lagerkvist, was named "Mebailey" in March 1990 for his work on the dynamics and origin of comets.

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