Artist's talk: Joanna Griffin

On Friday 18 March at 6pm, artist Joanna Griffin will give a talk about her work before the opening of Secret Satellites... Admission free

Film and installation artist, Joanna Griffin has been researching satellites for some years, investigating the historical, economic and technological factors that have sustained the satellite as an elite, power-based technology controlled largely by a few nations, notably the United States and former Soviet Union, and closed institutions such as the military, scientific research centres and governments. Griffin has collaborated with scientists at Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley and the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (the UK's largest university-based space science research group) and developed numerous projects around space research. On 5 March, Joanna Griffin facilitated an open-ended, public workshop as her contribution to Secret Satellites. The workshop set out to 'talk/make/think' through our connections to satellites, and the process involved constructing paper and card models based on a variety of concepts.

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