VAI & Belfast Exposed Training

Gallery Installation Skills - Traditional Media
Wed 13 Nov (10.30 – 16.30)
10 places.  Cost: £30 / £15 (VAI & DAS Members) Workshop will take place @ Belfast Exposed

This workshop is aimed at artists with an interest in developing installation skills and knowledge whether for the purpose of installing their own work to best effect, or as a means of informing themselves on installation conventions and standards when working with gallerists and curators. The workshop will: look at aspects of art handling, storage and best practice; offer advice on crating and preparation of work for travel.  It will provide a demonstration of wrapping and hanging a 2d work, and show examples of materials and equipment used in packing/crating and installation. It will also discuss professionalism when liaising with artists, studios, curators and galleries. The facilitator will allow for questions, answers and advice relating to participants own technical issues.

Community Focused Arts Project Planning
Wed 14 Nov (10.30 – 16.30)
10 places.  Cost: £30 / £15 (VAI & DAS Members) @Belfast Exposed

This is a practical session aimed at artists and community activists working collaboratively on creative and cultural projects in the visual arts.  It is hoped to provide space and time to plan and consider projects in a way that places the community leader or activist at the centre of the process, allowing both community workers and artists to inform the ethos, goals and structure of projects.

Gallery Installation Skills - Digital Media with Angela Halliday In partnership with DAS
Thurs 22 Nov (10.30 – 16.30) @Digital Art Studios
10 places.  Cost: £30 / £15 (VAI & DAS Members)

Do you make work that situates moving-image media within specific scenarios, installations or viewing environments? This workshop will be of benefit to those who wish to improve their practice in terms of becoming more familiar with issues relating to exhibiting media-based installations, including best practices, planning, equipment and technical concerns.

Areas covered will include:

Authoring your DVD for video installation (the basic issues-what to consider eg. Loops, menus, spare exhibition copies Possibility for Q & A in relation to editing/authoring in relation to installation requirements
Display Devices: Multi-monitor and Multi-projection Installation Guidelines. The range of monitors/screens/devices available & choice in context
Projection installation checklist and guidelines – best practice for professional display. Going through set up with diagrams showing correct installation, trouble shooting
Case studies with examples of installation diagrams and instruction sheets.What information exhibitors need/look for when considering installation – providing clear supporting material with your work.

Angela Halliday currently lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2005, she was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree with distinction, from the University of Ulster. In 2010 she completed a practice-based  PhD titled 'Video Narratives and the Construction of the Female Subject'. Angela Halliday’s work has been exhibited in Spain, Turkey, France, The Philippines, Ireland and The United States. She had her second solo exhibition at AD HOC Belfast in 2009. Halliday works with digital video, producing single and multi-channel video installations. Her work investigates the human body and its representation, the family and its photographic legacy, the landscape and place and their relationship to national identity, and class in both contemporary and historical contexts.   She works as Manager at the Digital Art Studios.

Project Management for the Visual Arts with Noel Kelly
Wed 28 & Thurs 29 Nov (10.30 – 16.30)
10 Places.  Cost: £30 / £15 (VAI, BX Members) @Belfast Exposed

Facilitated by Noel Kelly CEO / Visual Artists Ireland

A hands-on session adapting project management principles to the visual arts, aimed at: visual artists,; curators; organisers of festivals or events in the Visual Arts; managers or projects or organisations.

Are you tired of chasing your tail as you try to manage the various aspects of your life as an artist or cultural worker?  Are you torn between work for other people and creative projects that you really want to accomplish?  This workshop provides participants with the practical means to to run a variety of creative projects, large or small with more efficiency and less stress.  It is aimed at participants with current or future arts projects in hand that can include: collaborative projects; curatorial projects; public or private commissions or any initiative where good management of time and resources are important.

Participants will not be just 'on a course' but will end up building a real plan for their project; have this plan assessed by the rest of the group and solve real life problems by applying a Ten-Step plan.  This workshop is less about Gantt Charts and PERT Charts (the tools of project management) and more about behavioural change i.e. those behaviours necessary to make a success of projects.  The session is tailored to each individual participating.

Noel Kelly is a fellow of The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA); a national executive member of the Irish branch of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA); a member of IKT the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art; Chief Executive Officer of Visual Artists Ireland; and a board member of IVARO, Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation. He was founding partner of The Art Projects Network, an international curatorial and visual arts project management consultancy, Curator for Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, and sits on the Dublin City Strategic Policy Committee for Arts, Culture, Leisure & Youth Affairs. As a curator, he has been responsible for critically acknowledged exhibitions in Ireland and in Europe, He has represented the visual arts during the Irish Presidency of the European Union 2004, and was a co-curator for the Slovenian National Pavilion in the Venice Biennale 2009. ? ?Working with ETP [Ireland] Ltd - one of the world's leading Program & Project Management companies, he delivered complex programmes and projects in the areas of financial services, manufacturing and information technology, He has spoken internationally on the subject of Program & Project Management, and has worked extensively in the areas of systems re-engineering and development. With Fergus O’Connell, the leading Structured Project Management expert, he developed a project management approach designed specifically for the visual arts.

Facilitation Skills for Artists working with Groups

Thurs 7 Feb, 2013 (10.30 – 16.30)
10 Places.  Cost: £30 / £15 (VAI Members)
@Belfast Exposed

This will explore the theory and practice of running a community arts workshop and  involves a hands-on workshop exploring the potential of creativity in a group setting. The course aims to facilitate the participation of artists who have an interest and commitment to the development of their creativity and group skills.  In many cases this session may explore skills that you already practice inherently, this session will provide the space for reflection and exploration of these skills within a peer group setting.

Facilitators require a broad skill base including a good knowledge of: 

personal triggers and managing them
maintaining the process
issues around equity and ethics
verbal communication
strategic questioning
listening and reflection
conflict resolution
consensus and decision making processes
planning processes and achieving outcomes
group dynamics
facilitation tools
evaluation processes

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