Stormont Rally - Galleries closed on Tuesday 3rd Nov from 12-3pm

On Tuesday 3rd November there will be a rally taking place in defence of the latest in-year arts cuts. This will take place at 1pm at the front steps at Stormont. Please join us to show your support. 

If you love the arts - if you value local musicians and visual artists, if you like going to the theatre or to a gallery, or taking part in an arts group and if you think festivals brighten the place up and inspire us; if you're proud of the creative industries that have brought fame to Northern Ireland and the arts workshops that are helping people move past sectarianism, conflict and social/educational deprivation - this is the time to get out there and show it. The arts sector, which receives the smallest amount of money from Stormont, took the biggest hit at the start of the financial year and the hits are still coming! This rally is about ensuring the enrichment that comes from the arts is protected for all of us and for future generations.


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