Reading Room: Late Night Art

Belfast Exposed has teamed up with Verbal Arts Centre to offer a unique reading experience as part of Late Night Art on Thursday 7th May.

The main aims of the Reading Room project are to promote engagement with literature which in turn will enhance the social well-being of the city by fostering a love of reading, to encourage social interaction between people who might otherwise never meet, and to provide participants with an opportunity to participate, reflect, imagine and add to the narrative.

This one-off, special Reading Rooms event reflects the themes of Geert Goiris’s work, contemplating travel, journey, imagination and encounters with the unfamiliar.

Sessions will begin with a short introduction to the exhibition, then the Reading Room will take place. Participants will then be free to revisit Goiris’s work, seeing the pieces with new eyes.

The event is free and open to all, but advance registration is required to determine how many sessions will take place on 7th May. Please contact to register for this event or for further information.

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