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About the Book:

‘Justin Carvilles’s Photography and Ireland is much more than a national survey book…There can be no doubt that photography in Ireland has found its historian’ – Steve Edwards, Open University

Photography has been part of Irish cultural life since 1839 but little is known of its long and sometimes complex history. Outside Ireland there has been scant attention given to Irish photography beyond picturesque tourist views of the Irish landscape and photo journalistic representations of ‘The Troubles’. This book changes the picture, casting its focus between these polar and often clichéd, extremes to address the political upheavals, social transformation and geographical re-imaginings of Ireland as a colony, a nation, a province and a sovereign state.

Beginning with a brief history of photography in Ireland the book discusses the tensions between colonial and global representations of Ireland and the formation of an indigenous photographic culture. Featuring commercial portraits and landscapes, as well as ethnographic photography, photojournalism and documentary works it explores Ireland’s photography through a number of interrelated themes.

About the Author:
Justin Carville is a lecturer in the history and theory of photography at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, DunLaoghaire. He has written on the subject of photography and Ireland for journals including Photography and Culture, Source and The Journal of Popular Visual Culture

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