Past Exhibition

The Last Things

David Moore - 22 August to 3 October 2008

Between September 2006 and April 2007 the photographer David Moore was granted special access, by the Ministry of Defence to a Crisis Management facility below ground in central London. This space will be used as the first port of call in any situation where the State is under threat. The environment is sustainable for extended periods and is part of a larger network. It is a live working space, continuously on standby, and fully prepared for the most extreme national emergency.

The Last Things develops ideas about the institutions of government and the manifestations of power first seen in his book The Commons (Velvet Press 2004), but adopts a different visual strategy. The facility’s hermetic, tightly regulated environment, artificially lit and air conditioned, is prescient with the threat of crisis. At once sophisticated and touchingly ordinary, part military and part civilian, Moore has documented its labyrinthine depths with chilling clarity.

Small areas of certain images have been digitally altered at the request of the MoD to protect what they consider to be sensitive information. All of this begins to hint at the reflexivity of the relationship with the MoD and imposes a conceptual requirement on what has become a censored document.

The Last Things is published by Dewi Lewis Publishing and includes essays by film-maker and novelist Chris Petit and curator Angela Weight. Visit publisher's website at

The Last Things is a University of Hertfordshire Galleries touring exhibition. The production of the work was funded by Arts Council England. The Belfast exhibition is supported by Arts Council Northern Ireland, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Belfast City Council.

Artist’s Biography
David Moore [born 1961, England] lives in London and has exhibited and published his work widely. His work observes power in different manifestations. The Last Things is his third solo publication, following The Velvet Arena and The Commons [both Velvet Press]. David Moore currently teaches photography at Central Saint Martins College in London as well as working on several ongoing projects. Visit artist's website at