Past Exhibition


Harri Palviranta and CJ Clarke - 22 April to 18 June 2010

By Harri Pälviranta

By Harri Pälviranta

By Harri Pälviranta

By Harri Pälviranta

Opening 22 April Exhibition runs from 23 April to 18th June

In the context of Belfast Exposed’s ongoing examination of the city, through gallery and archive projects which explore social and political currents in ‘post conflict’ Belfast, we are pleased to present Playgrounds an exhibition of work by photographers CJ Clarke (UK) and Harri Palviranta (Finland).

Clarke and Palviranta have worked in Belfast, on and off, for over two years. Although their projects have been developed separately, a central theme in both works is recreation and the relationship between young people and the built environment which surrounds them.

Harri Palviranta presents a series of large format images of playgrounds located in interface areas. Identikit playgrounds are pictured beside police stations, interface walls, high fences and security cameras. In the images we see a sombre architecture of security and surveillance pressing itself in around the swings and brightly coloured climbing frames, leaving little room for the exercise of imagination.

CJ Clarke’s photographs follow two groups of young people around their local haunts and hangouts. He creates an intimate portrait of their lives, which focuses on the forms and spaces of their recreation and social interaction. Playgrounds invites us to consider how the needs of young people have been addressed in Belfast’s urban renewal programmes. We are invited to look at the spaces designed for play and to consider the ways in which young people inhabit or occupy the city on their own terms, creating their own grounds for interaction and amusement.

CJ Clark is a photographer based in England. His first major project Magic Party Place was widely published and exhibited in 2006/07. He has worked with NGOs in Romania, Sri Lanka, India and Africa. His photographs have been commended in the Ian Parry Award (2006), Observer Hodge Award (2005 & 2006), Magenta Flash Forward Competition (2006 & 2008) and the Press Photographers Year (2009).

Harri Pälviranta is a Finnish photographic artist and a researcher. His works have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Finland and Europe. He has a BA in photography from the Turku Arts Academy (2000) and a MA in Media Studies from the University of Turku (2005). He is currently working on a Doctorate in Photography at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.