Past Belfast Exchange Gallery Exhibition

Valuable Reflections

Workshops and Exhibition - 20 August to 24 August 2013

Workshop participants

Workshop participants

Workshop participants

Workshop participants

'Valuable Reflections’ workshops

Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 August 2013, 7pm-9pm

Belfast Exposed’s roots are strongly entwined in its history as a community photography group. We continue to engage with a wide range of communities in the studio, workshop and gallery, as well as local schools and neighbourhood groups. The value of this work is held in the legacy of the community archive, but continues to be expressed through new projects and practices, which have been developed with local groups, artists and individuals over the years. Belfast Exposed is currently reviewing its community, schools and collaborative practice, leading to a substantial investment in new pilot projects, which are being devised by artists and communities themselves.

We would like to tell you more about this development work. So, as part of the ‘Valuable Reflections’ exhibition, Belfast Exposed Director, Pauline Hadaway and Community Photography Coordinator, Mervyn Smyth are hosting three evening events that open up space for communities to view and respond to the exhibition, as well as sharing interests in community photography and ideas for working together in the year ahead.  There will also be opportunities for people to get hands on with cameras in an interactive studio portrait workshop.


If you would like your group to take part in one of these events, then please email or call 028 9023 0965 and speak to Tom. As places in the workshop are limited we would ask all participants to book by 12 August 2013.


‘Valuable Reflections’ exhibition

Tuesday 20 August – Saturday 24 August, 11 am – 4 pm

Photography can freeze a moment, to analyse, question or look for answers. Putting a pause on the action. Making space for understanding and reflection.

As part of Belfast Exposed 30th anniversary celebrations ‘Valuable Reflections’ presents a selection of photographs from the past 12 months of local community photography exhibitions.

‘Valuable Reflections’ explores portraits and landscapes that reflect community experience and identity in Northern Ireland, celebrating photography and its enabling power to capture and reflect upon little fragments of life that are too easily overlooked. Each photograph asks the viewer to look more deeply, to glimpse the rich diversity of local life in this region.