Past Exhibition

Roe Valley Family Album

Community Partner: Roe Valley R.A, Bo Valley C.A & Coolesson C.A - facilitated by Rachel Cassidy - 6 December to 28 March 2013

A family album project

For many people photographs are among their most valued possessions, evoking memories of events and emotions, prompting stories and reminiscences, some happy, some sad.


This project brought together 12 people from 3 different communities in Limavady to share family photographs, whether prints in an album, framed or digital images on a phone. Over an 8-week period each told the story of their photographs and listened to other stories, finally creating a shared Photography Scrapbook telling the story of their lives as members of their community. 

The project was developed by Belfast Exposed Photography in partnership with Bovalley Community Association, Coolessan Community Association and Roe Valley Residents Association. It was supported by the Community Relations Council.


Photographs capture a moment in time and those moments can sometimes be easily forgotten


Facilitated by Belfast Exposed community artist Rachel Cassidy the group used conversations around Family Albums and Family Photographs as a starting point for dialogue, they enjoyed reminiscing over bygone days and their precious family memories of events and loved ones who are no longer around. They also explored how their local area has changed.

The group then created a scrapbook of their old and new images of Roe Valley. The old photographs added a sense of nostalgia to their scrapbook, and an interesting contrast with the familiar places that the group visited in their local area to capture the present through the creative medium of digital photography.

The Scrapbook they created expresses the importance of Photographs to remind us of our past and the legacy that they that they leave for future generations. Copies of the Scrapbook can be found in the Belfast Exposed reading room as well as in each of the community partner’s venues.