Past Belfast Exchange Gallery Exhibition

I Felt I'd Been Here Before

Colin Gee - 26 August to 8 October 2010

Image by Sean McKernan

Image by Sean McKernan

Opens Thursday 26th August 2010 7pm-9pm

In this exhibition artist, filmmaker and choreographer Colin Gee explores how memory is held in architecture by responding to a selection of photographs drawn from the Belfast Exposed Photography archive.

Gee identifies an individual in each image and films his response to that individual, the ‘character’. His interest lies in avoiding the original narrative of the image.  Though each film does not contain a full narrative, shifts in the characters' tone can be understood as part of a larger, universal story.

In the gallery space, the film will be projected onto a wall through transparent toile screens that address two qualities common to both landscape and memory – the authority of a barrier and its function as a landmark.

The floating screens move as the public navigates around the space, responding to the their movement. Viewers will be able to see “into and between” the layers of the projected images, where the two dimensional projection becomes three-dimensional.  The transparency brought to the photographs and the documented locations, invites a shift in the way location is recognized.

The original 5 images the filming is based around will be exhibited in the gallery as a point of reference.

Trained as an actor at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris, Colin Gee is currently the founding Whitney Live artist-in-residence at the Whitney Museum of American Art and was 2009 Visiting Artist-in-Residence at the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine in New York City.