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Understanding: Shutter Speed

Saturday 10th February 18

Tutor: Mervyn Smyth
Course Duration: 2 Hours
When: Saturday 10 February 2018
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Number of Places: 15
Cost: £20

This workshop will look at shutter speed settings and their relationship with time. Shutter speed refers to the the amount of time your camera shutter is open for. Participants will capture a scene using fast shutter speeds to freeze a moment in time and will use slow shutter speeds to create the effect of blurred movement. You will further learn the relationship of shutter speeds with low light photography, to create a sharp image whilst obtaining the correct exposure. 

What You Will Need

  • A digital camera with manual controls.

What Will You Learn 

  • Understanding the shutter speed settings and how it affects the exposure of the image.

  • Working with slow and fast shutter speeds to create sharp and blurred images respectively.

  • How to create a sharp image using the correct shutter speeds in low light photography.

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