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Understanding: Aperture

Saturday 12th May 18

Tutor: Mervyn Smyth
Course Duration: 2 Hours
When: Saturday 12 May 2018
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Number of Places: 15
Cost: £20

This workshop will look at aperture settings and their relationship with light and depth of field. The aperture controls the amount of light reaching the sensor or film in our photograph. This setting is controlled by Focal Stops or as they are commonly known F- Stops.The smaller the F-stop number the greater the amount of light e.g. F 2.8 will allow a greater amount of light than F 22.Aperture is use to control Depth of Field in our photograph, that is, what we want in focus in our image in terms of distance from the foreground to the background in our photography.

What You Will Need

  • A digital camera with manual controls.

What Will You Learn 

  • Understanding the aperture settings and how it affects the exposure of the image.

  • Working with small and large apertures to allow a large amount of light and a small amount of light to reach the sensor respectively.

  • How to create shallow depth of field images, most used in portraiture, and deep depth of field images, most used in landscape.

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