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Stage 3: Portrait Photography

Saturday 6th May 17 - Saturday 20th May 17

Tutor: Jim Maginn
Course Duration: 3 x Three Hour Sessions
When: Saturday 6, 13 & 20 May 2017
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Number of Places: 6
Cost: £150
Earlybird £135 - Expires 6th April

This practical, hands-on course is aimed at people wishing to further develop their knowledge and practice of Portrait Photography.

This creative and practical course will help you to create professional lighting set ups, to correctly compose a portrait, to portray the subject's life and personality, and develop a personal style, confidence and technique.

By the end of each course you will have:

What You Will Need

  • Participants must have completed a 'Stage 2: Review' session with our Belfast Exposed tutor team. This session is the final part of the 'Stage 2: Develop & Review Your Photography Practice' course, but it can also be booked separately. Contact for more information.

What You Will Learn

  • Experience and knowledge on portrait photography.
  • How to create a professional lighting set up.
  • How to correctly compose a portrait.
  • How to create soft, flattering light for your subject.
  • How to use reflectors and flash to light your subject.
  • Wide experimentation in response to weekly creative assignments.
  • Develop a substantial portfolio of professional standard work with the help and guidance of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

For more information contact Conor at

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